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Experience a more manageable and joyful
life through therapeutic and intuitive touch

We help you feel better physically and emotionally,

so you can experience life with the fullness that you were always meant to.

Pain. Stiffness. Fatigue.
The list goes on...

Feeling overwhelmed and stressed about your current limitations can create a sense of isolation and hopelessness.

You deserve to feel better. All these things decrease the way you value yourself, and make you think that you are not enough, when in reality, you are.

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Here's How We Can Help:
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Theraputic Massage &
Chair Massage

Head Massage

Manual Lymphatic Drainage


Prenatal & Postpartum

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Hot Stone Massage

Hot Stone

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I don't treat muscles,
I treat individuals.

I speak Polish, English, body language and energy language, but no matter what language you speak, I understand your pain.


I have also experienced very intense physical pain, but I had someone who helped guide me through my journey to healing and physical freedom. I’ve taken this experience, all my knowledge and wisdom and applied it to the way I treat my clients.


We all have human bodies but yet, we are all different. I don’t treat muscles, I treat individuals.

Agata Foreman

Licensed Massage Therapist

Our Plan is Simple:
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  • Free 15-min consultation

  • Gives you a chance to know me

  • Gives me a chance to know you

Abstract Background
  • Physical assessment of the state of your body

  • Go over short-term and long-term plans for you

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  • Implement your customized treatment based on your needs: Theraputic Massage, Lymphatic Drainage, Pre/Post-Pardom Massage, Aroma Therapy, Hot Stone Massage, etc.

  • Your progress is constantly evaluated and we make adjustments as needed.

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Download your FREE
Static Postural Assessment!

This will help you determine the problem areas in relation to your posture. Then we will use this assessment to begin your personal journey to care.

If you have any questions about the assessment, give us a call or send us an email! We'd love to go over it with you!

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Image by Kseniya Lapteva

What Our Clients Are Saying

I was blessed to meet Agatha after my second concussion caused my sleeping position to create dual carpal tunnel.  Agatha is a healer of body, mind, and spirit.  She shares her views on what is going on with me physically caused by my mental stress.  Massage is great tool but long term health is her goal.  My mind will continue to cause my body stress, and thus need treatments. but not if I address my issues from all perspectives.  Agatha has helped me with all of this.  I highly recommend Agatha as a massage therapist and as a healer because that is a better title for her!  Thank you for taking care of me!!!

To best describe it, she is intuitive and can pinpoint things that are going on with you even if you are not currently aware. She is spiritual, straight forward, and somewhat of a modern day healer. It helps if you are open with her and to the experience. It felt like a therapy session for your mind and body. She has great conviction in her holistic beliefs and has helped me immensely in more ways than one. She will be part of my self care routine for years to come!



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